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Humanetics Innovative Solutions Inc.

In April of 2010, Denton ATD and First Technology Safety Systems (FTSS) became subsidiaries of Humanetics Innovative Solutions.  

Denton ATD was established by Robert A. Denton, Inc. in 2000 after the purchase of Applied Safety Technologies Corporation (ASTC) in Milan, Ohio, USA.  Denton’s first products included neck and femur load cells. Over the years, new transducers were designed and produced to support the evolution of various types of crash test dummies as well as other specialized areas of force measurement. FTSS originated in 1988 when the First Technology group acquired Alderson Research Laboratories and the original Humanetics. FTSS later acquired the dummy development and manufacturing business of TNO, Europe’s leading and largest ATD company. FTSS evolved into a global development and manufacturing company of sophisticated anthropomorphic test devices (ATDs) and computer simulation models.

Humanetics produces a wide variety of products including regulated and non-regulated crash test dummies, ranging in size from new-born infants to large adult human surrogates. The Humanetics iCrash Technology™ portfolio takes crash testing to the next level by offering devices with fully integrated data acquisition systems.  The increasing complexity and variety of crash testing procedures reinforced by shorter product life cycles has pushed the industry to reduce product design cycles considerably.  For that reason, Humanetics has developed a large suite of highly detailed and validated finite element crash dummy models to compliment physical product testing; These models are available in most commonly used crash codes: LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH, RADIOSS and ABAQUS.  Additionally, Humanetics Engineer to Order capability is able to cater to specific customer needs including design and manufacture of all applicable load cells in the crash safety area.  Humanetics is also a worldwide full-service provider, and offers on and off-site customer laboratory management services, training and consultancy.

With combined expertise, experience and knowledge from both companies, we as Humanetics are dedicated to provide a stronger platform for the next generation of innovative ATDs and software products for the crash safety industry; together with our partners, we remain a key player to lead the development of future ATDs that reflect the latest technology and biomechanical knowledge available.

Humanetics Innovative Solutions is the world’s leading supplier of sophisticated anthropomorphic test devices (ATDs, or commonly called crash test dummies), load cells and other instrumentation, Finite Element computer simulation models, and associated technical support and consultancy services. 
The Humanetics portfolio includes regulated and non-regulated ATDs, ranging in size from new-born infants to large adult males that can be used for automotive and aerospace crash safety regulations. The patented iCrash Technology offers fully integrated data acquisition systems resulting in improved repeatability, greater flexibility and reduced setup times. Humanetics also offers Engineer-to-Order capability to accommodate customers’ special needs.
To help the industry design safer products better, faster and at a reduced cost, Humanetics provides an extensive suite of highly detailed and validated Finite Element dummy models.  These models are available in most commonly used crash codes: LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH, RADIOSS and ABAQUS.
Humanetics is the sole worldwide full-service provider, and together with agents offers on and off-site customer laboratory management, training and consultancy services and full technical support on both the physical and virtual products.

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